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Consequences of hearing loss

Very often, we will find it hard to determine for ourselves whether we are suffering from hearing loss, or whether we are just tired or stressed. Many people do not notice that the sense of hearing of their child or their own is lacking or is gradually deteriorating, and instead they subconsciously adjust to the reduced hearing ability.

We all want to feel in control of our lives. We all want closely-knit families, loyal friends, and active lifestyles with interesting pastimes. But when you allow a hearing loss to go untreated, you put all these life qualities at risk If you are in doubt, consider having a hearing test.

Hearing loss does not only strike yourself; it hits the people with whom you interact. Whether through meaningful conversation or playful teasing, the exchange of ideas suddenly becomes slower and far more tedious.

Untreated hearing loss can result in communication, social and emotional signs of hearing loss:



  • Conversations are shorter
  • Less use of the telephone
  • Others need to repeat themselves
  • Going along with conversations

  • Social


  • Avoiding groups and strangers
  • Becoming silent and withdrawn
  • Performing less effectively at work
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