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Hearing Aids

Krish Speech & Hearing Clinic treats each patient as an individual and fits hearing instruments to meet their needs. Each person’s hearing and ear is as different as a fingerprint. It is the attention to detail, personalized consultation, and efficient care that sets Krish apart in the hearing field.

Traditionally, hearing aids have been mini amplifiers. With advances in technology, hearing aids now include digital devices which are capable of complex signal processing. Hearing systems come in a variety of designs, with a wide range of functions and features to address an individual’s specific needs

Types of hearing aids :

  • Pocket type conversational hearing aid
  • Behind th ear (BTE) digital and non digital hearing aid, open fit and CRT
  • Computerized in the ear and complete in the ear multi digital programmable hearing aid (ITC and CIC).
  • Special scheme available for hearing aid up to Rs. 50000 for Government and corporation employees and pensioners.

    The literature describing these devices can sometimes be confusing and it is important that you discuss the different types of hearing aids and different signal processing options with your audiologist when deciding on hearing aids.


    Who needs hearing aid?

    Person who suffer from any one of the following problem may need hearing aid :


  • Asking people to repeat
  • Misunderstanding in conversations
  • Social withdrawals
  • Fatigue & stress
  • Difficulty in listening to children
  • Turn on T.V. very loud
  • Inability to follow meeting, social gathering, large groups, auditoriums & class room.
  • Difficulty in hearing telephonic conversation


    What is better – wearing binaural or monoaural hearing aids?

    Wearing two hearing aids helps the auditory system to focus on sounds and not only improves the richness and fullness of sound wearing two hearing aids also improves hearing in background noise. Almost everyone benefits more from using two hearing aids instead of one.

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